Swarna Boomi/ Gold Saving Schemes

Swarna Bhoomi Free Plot Scheme

This scheme is specifically designed to those who aspire to own a land of their own at no cost. We had been into this scheme for 15 years and 3000+ customers have benefitted through this scheme.

The scheme:

Pay an entry fee of Rs 1000/- (Refundable)

Pay a caution deposit of Rs 50,000/- in 5 installments (Refundable)

On completing the caution deposit, you will be registered a plot of 1200 square feet.

Registration and development charges had to be borne by the customers.

Pay monthly Rs 2000/- for 24 months.

On completing 24 months, you can buy jewellery for the amount paid.

The above has to be repeated for two more times. Totally you have to pay for 72 months but can buy jewellery at the end of every 24 months.

When you buy jewellery at 60th month, you can buy jewellry for the caution deposit Rs 50,000/- paid earlier.

All the amount paid shall be got back as Jewellery.
Swarna Boomi
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