Asokan's Monthly Advance Plan

When everyone offers these very same plans, we wanted to make a difference. Every investment is purely considered as sales promotion to its organisation. We are here to tell you a totally new story. We look you as an investor and not as a potentail customer forcibly driven to buy.

In here, you make monthly advance payment of Rs.5000/- every month. The tenure is 24 months. Total paid up advance will be Rs.1,20,000/-. This will be added up by a sum of Rs.15,000/- as bonus. so you are liable for a sum of Rs.1,35,000/- at the end of 24 months.

And here is the new story. You may choose to buy gold or even coin. The best part is that you may even choose to get cash.

The best part is yet to come. Even if you choose to buy jewellery, we make sure you pay less and not forced to pay more just because you believed in investments. All jewellery will be charged at 9% as value addition. Nothing more Nothing less.

Add so now you have the total freedom of choices on what can be done with your hard earned money.