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With more than 75 years of excellence in jewellery retailing and 10000+ satisfied customers, We at Asokan thanka maaligai had been innovative in our own way in helping our customer meet their needs. Still in the history of jewellery retailing, we are the one and only jeweller in the entire nation who provided customers with breath taking FREE PLOTS of 1200 Sq Ft each in gold saving scheme along with their accumulated money. Even in this decade, where MNCs are holding a major share in the market, we have our own reputed and loyal customers who keep us as energetic as in yesteryears. This sort of support gives us inevitable energy and enthusiasm in exploring new ventures. We are always a customer run company in terms of service. We have always wanted our customer to benefit than us. This is the mantra that had made us even now as a best choice in this industry. We had diversified into few industries like Finance, Constructions and some real estate activities as well. Now with our customers’ benefit as the prime focus, we are into exploring a new possibility.

Parisu Mazlai
About the directors

G.N.Sundarapandian, Chairman Born in a family of 5 brothers, he was the third son to the founder Mr Nadimuthu Pathar. With his natural instinct towards business, he undoubtfully entered into this business and took over the business in 1981. Within a span of 10 years, the business was so flourishing that he saw a new prospectus and shifted to thanjavur, leaving back the legacy to his younger brother. The new branch was started in 1990 from scratch. Those were time where no one had business standards and education. But even then there were far better in scaling up than any graduated ones nowadays. With no one to assist, he single handedly scaled up his customer base to great levels. When 916 was just a dream for any customer in thanjavur, he wanted to give his best to the loyal customers. It was in 2003 that he transformed the entire showroom into first ever 100% 916 HALLMARKED jewellery showroom in thanjavur district. By then he had a customer base of 5000+ through free plot scheme in which each customer in a particular scheme will mandatorily get a FREE PLOT of their own. Then given free plot are worth Lakhs today. Almost 3000+ customers were given free plots. It one scheme which no one in the industry was not able to replicate till date. Its in his veins that his schemes are differential in all means and always customer oriented. Almost every scheme he launched then was great success. His target always exceeded to 200%. He had now ventured into several businesses like Secured Financial Assistance and Flats Promotion. With his undiminished passion towards business, he recently had again taken over his legacy back in pattukottai. Now both the branches are under the same hood. His plans are to start a Corporate company for his customers in near future. Surprises are awaiting for Thanjaurians.

S.Elavarman Pandian, Managing Director As only son to Mr.Sundarapandian, he was born and brought up in thanjavur. He has his Bachelors in Computer science from PR College, Thanjavur and his Masters from London Metropolitan University, United Kingdom. He joined hands with his father in 2008 to take up the business. Since then he had been innovative in doing all sort of marketing and promotional activities to add brand to the business. His core concentration was brand building and succeeded to a greater extent. When all MNCs were pouring into the city, he kept his nerves calm and was equally competing with giants in the industry. His challenge was even bigger and so his determination. Now, a double storey showroom is renovated entirely, so that the customer will have the best of ambience and experience. Plans are in pipeline to provide customers with the lowest cost in Thanjavur district. Good times are yet to come for the customers.

His desire to enter into Financial assistance was fulfilled by his father. He has now newer plans for his desire to take new shape. Just as his father, his desire to do more for the customer had lured him to start up this venture, where the customer would be benefited more than the company. He felt that the mutual companies are benefitting out of customers hard work and so he decided to start his own investment company. And here he is with his dream taking shape as Asokan Investments, a powerful tool from Asokan Thanka Maaligai, to make the investors feel above everything else. Welcome to our new fraternity.

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